Marina Design

Experts in marina design, MOURJAN MARINAS is responsible for some of the world's most cutting edge and luxurious yachting destinations

MOURJAN MARINAS offers fully integrated marina and waterfront resort design expertise that create extraordinary yachting destinations. The design, development and operations teams work side by side in order to provide clients with the optimal design solution. Our proprietary design standards are based on enhancing the user experience while taking into consideration the real and varied needs of yacht owners, their guests, captains and crew. We create marinas that extend the yachting lifestyle through the related land-side facilities and deliver upland amenities and services that are unmatched in the industry.

Our design expertise is aptly demonstrated in detailed technical briefs that cover the full scope of marina operations including environmental and sustainability considerations plus architectural integration within the surrounding environment. These briefs form the cornerstone of MOURJAN MARINAS design direction and provide a structured means to reach our goal of delivering a truly successful final design for each of the development's components.

MOURJAN MARINAS fully understands the crucial importance of the functional design relationship between marina operations and surrounding integrated communities; and our expert team is able to successfully blend the key planning elements. Recreation and administration facilities are carefully analysed and considered from the end-user perspective and incorporated within each development based on exhaustive analysis of market demand and operational profitability.

Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Holding